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Mountain Rescue Magazine Winter 2016

Mountain Rescue Magazine Winter 2016

  • £475

A bumper issue with comprehensive coverage of the flooding events in Cumbria, York, North Wales and Greater Manchester, in December 2015, in which mountain rescue team members played a key role in the multi-team, multi-agency rescue response.

There's also a very comprehensive update on the Medical Seminar held in Ambleside in autumn 2015, which explored a number of issues. You'll find here learned updates on the management of trauma in the mountains, the role of the primary survey in a rescue situation, dealing with medical problems which directly result from the mountain environment, CPR in mountain rescue and trauma risk management - and a good deal more besides!

Plus all the usual news and views and incident updates from around England and Wales.

You can, of course, also subscribe to the magazine via Basecamp at a considerable discount - see subscriptions for details.

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