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Navigation: A Very Short Introduction by Jim Bennett

Navigation: A Very Short Introduction by Jim Bennett

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A fascinating history of navigation – from the Bronze Age mariners of the Mediterranean to today's satellite-based technologies. The scientific and technological developments that have enabled accurate measurements of position were central to exploration, trade and the opening up of new continents, and the resulting journeys taken under their influence have had a profound influence on world history. In this Very Short Introduction Jim Bennett looks at the history of navigation, starting with the distinctive cultures of navigation that are defined geographically – the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

He shows how the adoption of mathematical methods, the use of instruments, the writing of textbooks and the publication of charts all combined to create a more standardised practice. Bennett also introduces the incredible array of instruments used to navigate and highlights the crucial role played by the individual qualities of endeavour and resourcefulness from mathematicians, scientists and seamen in finding their way at sea.

Published by Oxford University Press. 113 x 174 x 12mm

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